Are you sad that your Litchfield vacation is over? We have something to make you smile! Share your favorite Litchfield photos with us and bring your vacation experiences back to life!

Our goal is to fill up our Vacation Planner and website with REAL pictures of REAL vacationers enjoying a Litchfield vacation!

Some ideas for photos are beach scenes, fishing, seafood dinners, Putt Putt, golf, family photos...and whatever else captures the spirit of a great beach vacation. However, don't limit yourself because the best photos can come about totally unexpected.

To enter, please submit to us a photo with your name, address, and phone number on the back. Or, email us the original digital image to

Please share your vacation photos with us!

If you submit a photo and we use it, we'll give you a FREE Dunes Beach Home Rentals shirt, $25 and credit for the photo. We might also use the photo on our website, If your photo is so good that we use it on the front or back cover, we'll raise the cash part of the prize to $100. If you're interested, ask at the counter for a list of the things we are looking for. We'll also give you a list of tips for taking great beach photos. (or, see the following below)

A few tips:

  1. Action is nice. Flying kites, throwing Frisbee, playing volleyball, etc, etc, make for great photos
  2. Bright colors
  3. Ocean in the background. Breakers are nice too. But don't limit yourself. The dunes or beach houses work well also
  4. Faces with expression
  5. Bright sunlight makes the pictures really "pop off" the printed page
  6. Sunrises and sunsets offer some good opportunities

Here's a sample of past photos that were submitted:

Image of Girl on Beach
Image of Dunes

Now it's your turn to share your best photos of your Great Beach Vacation!

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